Which projector....to suit system?


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Got some questions about kit for my soon to be completed HC-

1 - speakers. Looking at Monitor Audio RS range - either the RS6 or RS8 fronts, LCR centre, 4 x SFX rears and the SUB. This I am pretty sure about

2 - Receiver/Amp - should I go for the Yamaha AX757SE, the Pioneer 2014i or the Denon 2805?

3 - DVD player - either the Pioneer 868AVi, the Yamaha S2500 or a denon 2910

4 - Projector - BENQPE7700 or Screenplay 5700

5 - Screen - have given little thought to - other than a 16:9 motorised - with a 9' diagonal.

My considerations are (other than the speakers) based on magazine reviews..

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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chalkstorm said:
...4 - Projector - BENQPE7700 or Screenplay 5700... My considerations are (other than the speakers) based on magazine reviews.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Si, I'd strongly recommend getting a demo of a DLP projector before buying one as you'll either love it or hate it! Either the picture will look fantastic or there will be strange coloured blurs that will give you a nasty headache. It is vital to get a demo, even if it is a different model so long as it is a similar price the technology won't be far different. (NB. Expensive DLPs cause far less problems with vision due to different technology).

Also worth noting is that the current crop of good LCD projectors have yet to be reviewed by any magazines as they've only started to appear in the last 2-3 weeks.

I'd recommend checking out the following:
Panasonic AE900
Sanyo PLV-Z4
Epson EMP-TW600
Hitachi PJ-TX200
Sony HS60

All of these have been discussed extensively on this forum (and there are some links to online reviews) and I think all are in your price budget.

I hope this helps.


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Also...you might want to ask about the AV amp stuff in the other forums on here as each forum has its followers and expertise.

I would also look at the Oppo for a DVD player but i know nothing about the ones you have listed so you may have researched better already.

I would make sure that whichever projector you choose that the Amp outputs the highest possible quality connection available for the projector. Latest ones come with HDMI or DVI then you have component and lastly composite, svideo or scart which you should only use as a last resort.

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