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First post on AV forums.

I’ve been looking at projectors for a while now to replace the TV in my livingroom. My plan or at least current idea is to mount the projector on a shelf opposite the wall it will be displayed so it will be above where we are sat. The shelf is high up so is approx 2m height in a room with 2.3m ceilings (not far off ceiling mount), but is easier to run power cables. It will have a throw distance of 4.6m to the screen and I am trying to find a good 1080p projector to do this giving a screen size of around 100-120” screen.

I’m not too bother about 3D just now and have found the Optoma HD230x which for the price looks a decent fit and according to the throw calculators should meet the needs.

I was wondering if in addition to worrying about throw distances and screen sizes, how can I confirm that the picture will project at the correct height (i.e. it will be on the wall not half on the ceiling or floor)? Do projectors adjust for this?

Also if this is shelf mounted above the couch is it going to be too noisy once the fan kicks in?

Also are there any alternative projectors I should consider?

I was thinking because it is a permanent solution I would buy a fixed screen rather than a pull down screen, but are there different features I need to look for other than size?

Any help appreciated as I’m starting to get a bit lost with it all

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