Which Projector for Tennis Club?????

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by MysteryMan, Jul 31, 2004.

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    I am looking to install a projector at out Tennis Club.

    It will be used to watch sports (tennis, football, etc.) fed from a SKY receiver. I guess most broadcasts will be 4:3.

    There are some good curtains that can be drawn to keep out light, although, I doubt we will want to sit in total darkness!!!!!

    I have about £1200 to spend and have a list of the following in mind.....
    • Panasonic PT-AE500
    • Sanyo PLV-Z2
    • Toshiba MT100 (prob too expensive!)
    • Innivision 4805
    • InnoVision 4800
    • Optoma H30
    • Hitachi TX100

    There are some LCD and some DLP PJs here as I am still confused about the pro's and con's!

    Anyone got any strong feelings about the most suitable or, indeed, if there is a more obvious candidate?

    Also, anyone know where I might get demos in the Cheshire/Manchester area?

    Ta! :smashin:
  2. Joe Fernand

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    Jan 20, 2002
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    The Borders

    One question dominates over all other factors - Smoke Free or not!

    If its smoky you have to be aware that very quickly your lovingly set-up and painstakingly researched LCD will acquire a lovely Sepia tone to everything your viewing!

    Also keep in mind your talking 'Public Viewing' not 'Home Theatre' - light output is more important than Contrast Ratio.

    I'm a Panasonic Presentation and Broadcast dealer so of course my recommendations will be biased to Panasonic!

    I'd look at the PT-LB10SE (2000 ANSI - SVGA - 3 Yr Swap out) - though to add a Smoke Free housing will take you up to nearer £1.6K (ex vat).

    One very worthwhile feature on the NEW Panasonic projectors being the Lamp Protection system - a big issue when all and sundry may be operating your projector in a club.

    A professional Install (inc ceiling mount) will cost you £350.00.

    Drop me a note if you want info on the Panasonic Projectors and 'Proclenze' Smoke Free housings - and keep in mind you have to factor in your running costs if your projector is going to be used on a daily basis.

    Best regards


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