Which projector for Component and S-Video support as well as HDMI?


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Oct 13, 2002
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The first replacement lamp for my Infocus IN82 shattered after 4 weeks, the next one didn't even light up, both were original lamps too.
It looks like I will have to get another projector.
Unfortunately, any of the models that I've seen featured in reviews on this and other sites do not support older sources like component (YPBBR). S-Video or RGB. I have always been able to view everything on the big screen, from S-VHS, N64 and Playstation to PS4, XBOX ONE and Blu Ray.
I would like to upgrade the projector anyway to benefit more from the HD content and had considered putting a new projector beside the Infocus. But, unless I can find a used lamp somehow, I will have to replace the Infocus with a machine that can accept these older, legacy systems' outputs.
I expect that I'm in a minority in what I'm trying to achieve but perhaps others have found solutions to similar problems.
Any help appreciated.
Could you use an AV receiver between your sources and the projector to accept the analogue formats and convert them to digital output HDMI?
An older avr would be the best option as it would save you having to connect the projector with a tone of cables to

Just make sure the AVR has the ability to upsample the image to the input you wish to use as not will do this
Google s-video to hdmi converter and RGB to hdmi converter.
Most scart to hdmi converters only use the composite signal, so be careful about which one to get. You really want RGB to hdmi.
Both seem to be available from Amazon.
Truly, I’d avoid the nasty s-video and composite to HDMI converters, most insist on doing incredibly poor up scaling to 1080p or 4K at the same time, leaving you with a picture worse than you used to have. I tried a lot!

If you can wait, my suggestion is keep an eye on eBay and for sale ads for someone flogging off their old HD era Lumagen. I picked mine up for a couple of hundred bucks and it does a fantastic job of connecting my old laserdisc player and keeping it in use with a modern projector.
Could you use an AV receiver between your sources and the projector to accept the analogue formats and convert them to digital output HDMI?
I don't know if there are any receivers that do conversion from analog sources to HDMI but it would be the best option if it was possible, if the conversion was a decent quality.
Would upsampling be required if merely switching between analog sources or does it only apply when converting to HDMI from analog?
I bought an RGB to HDMI converter from Amazon and, though it displayed an image, it was not consistent or reliable. It couldn't handle NTSC signals at all and often dropped out, even with PAL. The picture quality was also inferior to the analog one, so much so that I would not be happy with it even if it was stable.
I reckon I'll have to buy second hand. I've started looking at ebay. Sounds like a fantastic bargain, the Lumagen. It's frustrating that I might have to have two projectors in order to view all my sources.
Even more frustrating that I've paid for a lamp that didn't work for even a second. I wonder whether any replacement lamps are genuine or just generic (but not cheap) knock offs.
Cheers for the help.
I'll just have to be patient and buy an old projector if and when one turns up. I wonder what happens to unsold stock of perfectly good but older devices, can they be sourced somehow?
Sounds like a fantastic bargain, the Lumagen.
It was, but it happens a fair bit. New shiny technology comes along, old shiny technology is now "worthless". Those massively into their AV will be thinking of upgrading and often turn their noses up at the older models that are now at bargain prices, and the rest don't have a clue what it is anyway and won't be interested.

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