Which Projector do I need?


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I don't know much about Projector and I hope you can advise me which one I should for.

The length of the room is 8 meters and we will be watching from 8 meters distance. The projector will be mounted on the ceiling around 4 meters distance from the screen. The width of the room is 3 meters.

Since all the walls have been plastered, I don't want to chase the walls for HDMI cables and speaker cables. I like to have a slim Projector with a decent speaker built in (or via sound bar bluetooth?) and the video can somehow be transmitted via Plex and Netflix?

I would like Projector to be 4K quality if possible


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With an 8 meters view distance from a max 3-meter wide rom that fitts a 120" wide screen (2.65m wide picture with a 15cm frame width on both sides), you won't be able to enjoy the difference between a 4K to FullHD or even a HD-ready projector.


A projector mounted in a ceiling will need a power cable so maybe a UST Ultra Short Throw projector with speakers built-in like a soundbar and an Ambient Light Rejecting screen meant for UST projectors will be a better solution.

Dont know about the 8 meters viewing distance, it will be like looking at a 60" TV from 4 meters


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As Ask4me2 has already said you will see no difference from a 1080p projector to a 4k projector with a 3 mtr wide screen from an 8 mtr viewing distance.

In that case just get the best 1080p projector you can afford for the money, what sort of budget do you have, some projectors have wi-fi. I don't see a viewing distance of 8m from screen being served well from a sound point of view with a built in speaker on the pj or a sound bar.
IMV you will need to get a least a couple of speakers and a subwoofer to get any worthwhile audio satisfaction when watching movies.

As a bare minimum perhaps a couple of Amazon Echo studio and an echo sub costing about £500 might just do the job and they will do a sort of atmos effect too.

I recently bought a couple of Echo studios (one in each bedroom) and they are great for the money and are wireless so as long as you have power available close by each speaker they need no wires for sound.

I got my studio's from QVC as they currently have them on offer for £140 each which is a great price.


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