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Which Progressive DVD Player?


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Hi All,

I've had my Kiss DP-500 DVD player for a long time now (3-4yrs?) and the rest of my system has changed a few times since.

I'm using the KISS in progressive mode through a 5m cable universe component cable (fantastic cable for the money, replaced a more expensive Profigold cable) through an Epson PJ onto a 6ft screen.

What I was wondering is if I should upgrade to a newer DVD player, will I see a quality improvement over the Kiss? My needs have changed, all I really need now is a multiregion DVD player that's a solid progressive Scan performer, avi playback or network connectivity isn't a requirement anymore, any suggestions? I'm really not sure how much to spend either, I guess my PJ will determine this.

Also, as my PJ can accept HD signals, is it worth waiting for a DVD player powered by one of the new technologies?

Thanks for any replies :thumbsup:


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Try the Limit dvda900se ,progressive scan is delivered by the Zoran chipset as used by some Arcam players.The audio side has been tuned by british highend audio specialists Cyrus.I dont know if it would be any better than the Kiss but has received many positive reveiws on this forum.The player has an rrp of 200,00 but is currently being sold on www.play.com for 50.00.Check out this forum for lots of info and reviews

Cable Monkey

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A newer player may bring you PAL progressive. Your kit list shows you are a fan of Pioneer kit. Look at the Pio 575. It has good PQ and won't break the bank. They are around £120 at Richers at the moment.


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I do like Pioneer equipment; I think it represents good value for money from one of the bigger names. I have been thinking about the 575, my only concern is that a few people have reported jagged edges when used with component progressive scan and as I’m looking to get better quality than my Kiss (which doesn’t have Jaggys) this puts me off it a little.

I would never have though about the Limit DVDA900SE at £50 is seems to be too good to be true. I mean £50 for a cyrus tuned DVD player?!?!?!?! Reading through the past posts about it has good PQ and superb audio although someone said the front lights are very bright, the button quality isn’t great and there is no standby. All things being equal it still looks very attractive.

I like both the above options but for different reasons, does anyone own both and could do a comparison?

Thanks for the replies :clap:


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i cannot compare the Limit with the Pio 575 but I did have the highly acclaimed Pio 565 which I replaced with the Limit.Imo there was very little difference in pq the pio had better detail but the limit seemed to have more solid and better depth of feild.Again nothing between the two when playing DD and DTS soundtracks.Where the limit excelled was as a cd player imo it was in a different class to the pio 565


Senior Moderator
I bought a Limit as a present for someone and ended up keeping it myself.It's a fine player,especially taking into account the price.

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