Which programme to better Sony PlayMemoriesHome for import of files ?


Using Sony Play Memories Home to import onto PC videos and stills shot on Sony AX100E camcorder 4k.
I see a load of thumbs and each one when hovered displays an unreadable magenta/white text with hardly discernible file number and file size.

There is no quick way of selecting a batch of thumbs, no shift and click, no standard windows selection methods, each thumb has to have a small tick box ticked one at a time, of hundreds of clips. Whoever programmed that prog wants seeing to.

I went import new yet it missed out first 86 files which I then had to select click by click and import selected.

I play the thumb and the window doesnt show me the file number. I still have no means of seeing that file number at all.

Lets say I decide I dont want that one, but there is no way of deleting it. I have to import everything then find it again without knowing its file number and nuke it off PC, but then I am importing more than I want, and more than I have space for. I end up removing files to make space for files I will be deleting ! Only way to delete it off the card is using camcorder to format card, takes too long to locate a specific clip.

It displays the files that are on the card with first filmed at bottom not top.

No readout of what shutter or other data is for a file.

The import screen is just useless, I need to check with whats on the card against what file numbers I have imported, but with no numbers showing for the files on the card I cannot check.

This prog is useless.

I need a software that will display file numbers for the files on the card, allow play of clips visible, and deletion or marking up for non selection of those played and unwanted, before importing them.

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It is usually possible to download the video files without using any specialist software. You need to find the folders with the video files and the still files in and just transfer them to your PC. You should not need specialist software.

I use Panasonic and they supply a programme called HDWriter which is used to download all the files, unfortunately it downloaded the housekeeping files as well, they were never used again and just filled up my PC. I now just transfer the required files directly to a named folder on my PC using the Windows Copy.

You may require a few more button pushes but the outcome is far better than the so called specialist software.

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