Which power amps to go with RDM One's

Just bought a set KEF's RDM series for AV.

Using RDM Ones on all 5 channels - including the center, I have one spare since I bought six.

What power amps do you recommend to go with these?

I was thinking along the lines of an Arcam P90/3 and a P90/2.

Any other suggestions?


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Great speakers!

They are not shielded though...

Use high current amps like the Arcam.
NAD should also work well.

Shielding not a problem since I use a CRT projector which is a good distance from any of them.

I agree with you on good speakers thing. But I know I'm not hearing their best since I'm using an old rotel 5 channel power amp which although good with speakers around the £200 its not got the goods for the KEF's - I know because I heard them on the end of a parasound about 16 months ago in Sevenoaks.


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There's some Primare power amps in the classifieds. :) Great speakers by the way, still have four residing in my Dad's setup.

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