Which power amp to biwire a SVS ultra center?


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Good day all
I'm putting together a 5.1.4 sytem
At the moment I have the SVS ultras bookshelfs as L/R and Ultra center with two Ultra surround rears. Anthem AVM 70 is the Pre/pro
I wish to power the L/R with a pair of bridged Benchmark AHB2. I was thinking of buying an Emotive Basx 7 power amp
I would use the Basx 7 to power the Ultra rears and four yet to be bought height channels
This will leave one un-asighned power amp channel in the Basx 7
My center channel is currently powered by a Emotiva PA1
Is possible to power the center channel which is biwireable with the spare Basx 7 channel and the PA1
If so which amp should be asighned the High FQ and Low FQ
I also have a Rotel RMB 1575 power amp available, so any thoghts on some how implementing that would be welcome though not high on my list of ideas for this system.
Thanks for ploughing through this post and thank you in advance for any replies.

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