Which Power Amp for PA20r?

Discussion in 'TAG McLaren Audio Owners' Forum' started by Kish Kash, Oct 28, 2004.

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    Kish Kash

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    My system currently comprises the following:

    Pioneer DV-565 > TAG DAC20 > TAG PA20r > Rotel RB-03 > Tannoy R2 (6 Ohm 88dB)

    I'd like to get a matching power amp for the PA20r. The 60P is quite affordable now, but will it survive a couple of source and speaker upgrades? Is it substantially better than the RB-03? Will I get an extra £300-350 worth of dynamics, detail and control?

    Alternatively, should I spend £450-500 and go for a used 100P instead? Again, will it be worth the extra cash, or will the R2's (being a bit on the budget side :rolleyes: ) be holding things back?

    Also, why doesn't the 60/100P come with balanced inputs?


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