Which Player and CD playback quality.


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I currently own an Onkyo 575 av amp and use a Toshiba sd100se DVD player. I'm overall quite happy with the dvd player but have always been left aggreived with CD playback.
Previously i owned an arcamm alpha amp and cd player and loved it, my new set up is not as good by a fair margin. I have tried connecting the arcam cd player to the onkyo amp by analogue leads but thought the sound was not to good (the DVD players seemed better via optical didital cable!!) so resigned myself to the amp being poo on CD audio playback.

However i have now read some threads stating DVD players can vary in sound quality so this has got me thinking as i'm due to upgrade me player.

1. Will my Onkyo ever come anywhere near to my old Arcam amp in CD playback?

2. The DVD player will be connected to a 32'' Tv so prog. scan not an issue. I have narrowed it down to either the Marantz 4300, Denon DVD700 or the Limit 800. Advice please!!!!!!


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If an Arcam CD player doesn't improve stereo listening, I can't see how a new mid-range DVD player will help things either. Sounds like the amp is the problem. :(

Does the Onkyo have front pre-outs? You could connect a stereo amp and improve CD palyback. :)

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