which plasma


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im just looking to buy a 42 '' screen and would like to know which is the best i have sky and a dv27 to connect to it i would like progressive scan both ntsc and pal does the pixel count make a lot of difference say between 1024x768 or 852x480 i was thinking along the lines of a panasonic or pioneer i would prefer to have a silver bezel on the display so come on guys help me out i cant make my mind up please help

Which has the best picture :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

You wont go far wrong with either Pioneer or Panasonic, they are both exceptional Panels


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For advice on resolutions check out the 'sticky' thread in DVD Talk section entitled 'HD-DVD: some points to consider'.

I have the Panasonic but as the previous post mentioned both this and the Pioneer are the best models available. It's nice to have the choice between two such great models.
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