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I was just about to buy a 37" LCD (37PF9731D) but i am now wondering if a 42" Plasma should be the way to go. My main obstical is the wife who is not convinced that a 42" TV will fit in our room.

As i have so far concentrated on which LCD to buy and discounted plasma can any of you please point me at good plasma screens?

My budget is upto £1500 but i live in an area where VAT is zero so please bear this in mind when reccomending sets



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Without knowing the size of your room i can`t comment whether or not a 42" will be ok for your size room. Mines 42" wall mounted and i wish i`d got a 50", i think it looks smaller when on the wall but it will be dependant on your room size. Check out the panansonic 42px600 should be ok for your budget and the pioneers are also good.


The room is about 4mx3m and the TV sits in one corner and i generally sit in the oposite corner


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37 Inch Panasonic PX60 as a compromise with your wife?


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When I bought my 37" plasma, and stepped back after placing it on the stand I thought " My god, it is massive" , now I keep kicking myself for not buying the 42"


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Panasonic 42" PX60.. Because the speakers are undermounted, it doesn't look as big, as say the Hitachi 9700, which has sidemounters. Can be got for under £1000 and if you are quick, can get the free 5 year Panasonic warranty... offer ends on 24th December. :thumbsup:


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hello nrb01

'her indoors' apparantly has concerns about space in room for a 42 inch plasma. My bedroom is 16x11 feet (192x132 inches) with a 50 inch plasma on a stand in the corner, it's not over imposing.
I sit approx 13 feet away from screen, perfect viewing.
A 42" plasma would be no problem with your room measurements.

Ask the wife nicely though.


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I think if you go for the 37" once you are use to it you will wish you went for the 42". I know severral people who say this.

I think my 42" is lookign a bit small now after a year or so. 50" would just be too big for me though!

I would say the Panasonic 42PX60/600 for your price, depending on what you will stand it on etc.


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When my monster came thru the door (fuji 50") i thought what have I done! this is 2 big!. I thought about replacing after one nite. the next day I came home form work and it looked small:confused:

now when I sit about 11ft away I think it is perfect! and had it for over 3 weeks now. see the link below. It's just a matter of getting use too.

I think 42" is fine!

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