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Hi guys, I am new to the forum, so be gentle :hiya:

I am currently looking at buying a new plasma screen. I am after a 37" with built in digital tuner and speakers. My budget is £2,000.

After searching and reading the forum, I had short listed the Panasonic TH37PE50B and the TH37PV500B.

On looking at these two screens in J.Lewis today, I felt that the PV500 was both superior in picture quality and asthetics. It will also be HD ready.

Now, the problem is, I was passing Dixons and happended to see an LGRZ37LZ31. This is also HD equipped, with speakers but no tuner. The picture on this screen was beautiful and crisp. However, it was playing some dedicated advertising disc.

The Panasonic was showing a terrestrial program(Sky news). So is it fair to compare the two screens in this manner. Would the Panasonic equall or better the LG via DVD signal?

I am really confused as to which one to choose. Buying a new TV is a nightmere!! :rolleyes: Has anyone any experience of the LG, and what are your thoughts???

Or would you stick to buying the tried and tested Panasonic PV 500?

Also, If anyone has any other sugestions for 37" screens that would be worth an audition, then I am all ears.

I can comprimise on my requirements, although the screen must be no bigger than 37" and the budget max £2,000.

Many thanks for your help. :thumbsup:


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Hi, welcome to the forum.

The only thing you haven't mentioned, is what you will be using the TV for, and what equipment you want to plug into it. THis might help giving you some advice :)


Why must the screen be no bigger than 37", is it the physical size or viewing distance?
I would definately go for the Panny if you want an excellent all round plasma with probably the best piccy, and HD ready, and for probably a bit less than £2000.


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I will be using the TV for regular viewing (Free view) and regular DVD.

I have a Denon AV amp, Kef 2000.5 speaker system with upgraded REL Acoustics sub and pioneer 575 DVD player.

The screen must be no bigger than 37" because of room size and viewing distance. A 42" will be physically too big and in my opinion will spoil the viewing pleasure. Sometimes less is more ;)

Just going to check that link right now.



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Nice cinema Urban T !! :smashin:

I would like to move one day to a house with a basement/cellar that I can convert to a dedicated cinema room..........ah one day......one day....lol :)

So whats the deal with this LG? Anyone?


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I just realised, the LG is in fact an LCD T.V. Also, I am led to believe it was running a HD sample disc! Thats why it looked so good. Does this mean with regular terrestrial it will be quite poor?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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