which plasma?



ok guys, new to the forum so be gentle! i have a top budget of £1500 for a plasma/LCD, i am seriously considering the panasonic from JL as they are throwing in a dvd recorder too...any other suggesttions? 37" screen is also preferred!


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More details required! :confused:

What are you're sources for watching?


Why 37"? How far from the screen are you? I was going for a 32" LCD and bought a 42" plasma :eek: :D

And I would shop around, JL can be expensive.


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37" screens
I've been flogging plasma for about 6 years now, and while many people have come back to me after 24 hours and asked for a bigger one, only 1 has thrown up HER hands in horror and said 'take it down it's too big!' And she was very 'anti' to start with. If you've got room for it, a 42" is worth considering, the cost difference is small. Also, a 42" with no speakers on the side (you use a surround sound system with small speakers instead) is actually SMALLER than a 37" 'TV' plasma with a pair of speakers like elephants ears on the side.

Majid Khan

Its funny, a year or so ago I used to look at my uncle's 36" Sony CRT television and think "WOW", isn't that a huge screen!", it almost had a cinema like feel to it..

but now looking around at Plasmas, even a 37" looks small! and a 42" one doesn't exactly look massive either ! hehe.. maybe its because they are flat / slimeline screens that gives this impression? i dunno, or maybe it will look much bigger at home.. but at the stores, a 42" plasma doesn't really look huge!


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Anyway, yes we definately need more information. Do you have sky, sky+ or freeview that you use as a tuner or are you looking for a plasma with an intergrated tuner. What about sound, do you have a surround sound system (with 5.1 speaker system)? If so which one? Do you want to have a pc connected up to it? Do you think you will be investing in High Definition (HD) in the future (new dvd format and sky are going to launch a limited HD service next year)? Is it going to be wall mounted or on a stand?
Give us more details of your needs and I am sure one of experts will be along shortly to help you out. Welcome to the forums by the way.


I'm in a similar boat to mrash. My preferences are

£1500 approx to spend on the panel


Sky TV tuner

HD ready required

wall mounted

(No PC connection)

Will be buying surround sound - but thats another topic.

Also something that looks nice - I like the look of the samsung lcd - with the V shaped bottom. (though i want a plasma)

The Samsung - PS42S5S is the one i've had my eye on....


They do seem smaller in the store till you get them home and then unpack them. Then you go WOW this is bigger than I thought. Then you settle in and get used to it and go "if I move that over there... and toss that out I can get a bigger!!"

And then before you know it 42" becomes the bare minimum for your lounge. I would get a 50" no problem.


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MK mate, 1500 is not enough for a 'quality' HD ready screen. I know 100 Sammy owners will flame me, if you want after sales included in the price, look elsewhere. And nowhere beginning with L or H either.


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My Dad wants to get a 42" plasma (so excuse me for hijacking the thread). He is not particularly budget constrained. Sources are mainly Sky (for the golf/rugby/cricket) and DVDs. I use a projector and really don't know much about plasma. My quick scan through this forum suggests that the Panny PWD8 looks like the one - and it's pretty cheap (£1350 from AV sales) although I don't know what add-on bits he would need to connect Sky etc. My only hesitation is that according to the AVsales site its resolution is only 852x480 which isn't an HD resolution (720p, 1080i??). Not that Dad will notice, I shouldn't think...

A little help or guidance would be great, thanks.



If you want a excellent SD panel (no speakers, tuner etc) go for the PW8.
If you want an excellent HD panel, go for the PHD8.
If you want an excellent TV plasma (built in tuner/speakers etc) go for the Panny PE50 (SD), PV500 (HD) or Pio 436 (HD).

You need to try a get a decent demo of each, but that is easier said than done, don't go off Currys/Comet etc pictures unless they are properly set up. You need to see one in your normal viewing conditions eg. not in a bright shop.


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I'm waiting for the 82" Samsung ....... big is beautiful

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