which Plasma???



hllo, I'm from Italy and I'm going to buy a plasma monitor:
I'm a bit confused so if you can help me I will be very happy :)
I've seen these 3 models and I don't know which one to buy:
Fujitsu P42VHA30
Pioneer 433MXE
Nec 42VP4

I can have one of these 3 at almost the same price.
Can you help me


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I think it will be best if you can give some more info as to viewing habits (terrestrial, digital, DVD, consoles), other kit and how you intend making the connections. Also, what viewing distance etc.

I think you will find that no one can give any (worthwhile) recommendations without knowing this info otherwise it's a bit like saying should I get a mini or a BMW 5 series. Needs and requirements will dictate which may be more or most suitable.

Regards :)


I will connect it with an htpc ( maybe I can get an used holo£D, but I'm not sure.... at worst with an ati radeon 9600) for viewing DVD, and digital sat for TV ( maybe I could use the Pc to deinterlace and scale the tv signal).
It will be at about 2,5mt/3mt ( or about 10feet if you prefer :) )


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Hi yuza

Whilst I do not know the individual models in question, I would say that due to your (fairly close) seating duistance and desire to use the benefits of a HTPC I would most definitely ensure you go with a HD panel. Standard (low) res panels do often look more filmic but you will not be able to take adavnatge of all the benefits of the HTPC (high resolutions, WMV clips/fims, etc) without at least a 1280x720 res panel.

This is just my take on it but would mean out of the 3 you have listed I would only consider the Pioneer ( a cracking bit of kit anyway).


My vote would also be for the pioneer in this case. The biggest problem with the low res panels and a PC is that, running at native resolution, many windows programs run at more than 480 pixels height, and parts of them, sometimes crucial parts, are off the edge of the screen. The 1024x768 native of the pioneer is enough to get around this. DVD software can compensate for the rectangulaer pixels, this is only a problem when, say, looking at your photo collection. Wish they had done it at native 16:9 though.


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I reckon the NEC XM2 for XGA res and better black performance than the Pioneer. It is an inch smaller though.......

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