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My Dad is going to join the 21st century and wants a 42" Plasma screen, I have a Panny P7 and it's fine but I also have an amp with video switching, SKY+, a Pronto remote and a little understanding on how to make it all work together. He has a freeview box and a cheap Supermarket dvd player and no understanding or comprehension on how to make it work together. Also as much as I love and respect him he is without doubt the least tolerant person on the planet when it comes to technology, we also work together and I look after the IT in the business so I know, should it not be perfect first time I will be out of the will, out of a job and cast forewith from the family circle :)
So this means I can't go down the display only route, so I need some advice on which is the better package plug and play Plasma TV? I got it down to the PV500, I'm really impressed with my Panny and the Hitachi 42PD7500, both I think have freeview tunes built in, decent inputs for DVD player but also future proofed for HD (unlike my P7 but that's a whole other post) It is going on the wall and I can't imagine either one can't be wall mounted, both have inbuilt sound so what else is there? I would imagine PQ is going to be acceptable on both, currently he watches a 28" Philips CRT so it's down to asthetics, reliability and ease of use.
Any advice is much appreciated maybe there are better screens out there than the two I have short listed, and finally whilst budget isn't a major issue I personally think around the £2200 mark should be more than enough for a 42" plasma TV theses days. Thanks in advance


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I have just bought the pioneer 436xde and am well impressed, however the 2 screens you mentioned are also good from what I have seen of them, its really down to you going down to your local comet etc and seeing which one you like best in the flesh !


In September I purchased the Hitachi 42PD7500 from WWW.Futurehome.co.uk for £2,037.00 including delivery. I had had my eye on this model because of 1) reputation for great picture, 2) built in digital terrestrial tuner and 3) price.

I was having trouble finding it for a good price. I thought I would try to get it from JL under a price match but they never seemed to get the model in. My back up was Richer Sounds in Bloomsbury. When they finally did get it, they wanted £2,500 for it. Three times I rang their special Plasma line. Each time the promised to ring me back, but never did. I showed them how it was much less on the net and even at HiFi Confidential, but they would not budge. I pointed out that their price must be an error that would be corrected soon, wouldn’t it be better for both of is if they just negotiated a price (after all, on their web site it said “bargain” and I assumed that was a verb) around the HiFi Confidential price? The manager got down right unpleasant. He dared me to buy from a net site. So I did. Futurehome delivered in about 20 hours with out issues.

It is my first plasma, but I think the picture is phenomenal – I have trouble turning it off at night. The picture is great, especially the DTT picture. I think it is even better than the DVD picture (SCART component). My guess is that it is the onboard tuner allowing the picture to be digital all the way to the screen. It is relatively easy to use, my eight year old mastered it in about 10 minutes.

My one concern is with the tuner. Regularly, when I turn it on from standby, it asks if I want it to rescan the channels. I have heard that this is because it senses that there has been a change in the channel lineup, and that you can turn the auto sensing off. But also sometimes the DTT is blank. I turn it totally off using the button in the rear left of the machine. When I turn it back on it is fine. I just wonder if this is a problem that will become worse. I wrote to Hitachi but did not get a good answer.

Assuming that this problem is not major the set is great. I am waiting for them to come out with the 55 inch version for the living room.


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Scottbike10, JL now got 42PD7500 listed in their website I tried pricematch it but got turned down a couple of times.

So you can order it from JL but not necessary see them in stores. Good luck with the price matching.
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