Which Plasma tv please


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I currently have a budget of about 1200pounds and im looking to buy a plasma tv. Please recommend me one, here are what i have looked at so far


These looks nice but im not sure it it can do 1080i...Please bear in mind that i dont even know what this does but i guess it would be nice to have a tv that can handle this function as i have a ps3 comnig in a few weeks.



Let me know what you guys think or what you recommend. Thanks.


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Dont touch Digital Direct with a barge pole, they are nothing but shambolic, after a recent problem with them I found them rude, abusive, never answered email, never answered the phopne etc really make sure you use an alternative.

Just my thoughts I am afraid.



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For what it's worth, I would recommend the following at your pricepoint:

1. The Panasonic 42PX60, that you have already identified. If the room permits, I would take the 42" over the 37".

2. The Hitachi 9700, which might be about £50 or so outside your £1200 budget.

Have also heard a couple of negative comments about Digital Direct.


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Dont know about Digital Direct, but it might be worth trying your local retailer, as with the Panasonics they may be offering the free 5year warranty.

I have just (yesterday) bought and installed my first plasma, and it is the Panny 42" TX60. I am thrilled with the PQ through standard Sky and DVD via HDMI.

If you can, get a demo:smashin:


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I got my TH-50PX60 from the store above with free delivery and free Panasonic 5yr warranty. Price has dropped a little more since :suicide:

Except for the new Pioneer true HD 1080 panels, no PDP can do 1080 yet as they are all a max of 768 pixels high. They do however rescale 1080 signals to suit, but the visible difference between 720p and 1080i is virtually imperceivable. The scalers in Pana sets are very good.


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Thanks guys, any other retailer i can try apart from the obvious high street stores. What about http://www.soundandvisiononline.com/snv/index.asp ? I have a feeling they are digital direct in disguise - same format, same product and pricing stlye...or i could be wrong.

I also forgot to ask, im interested in the tv doing 1080i and 720p. Which one is better? I intend to watch tv, movies, freeview and play Ps3 with it or perhaps i dont need those numbers? (1080 and 720)?


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Yes, good point about the warranty and local retailers... the free 5 year Panasonic warranty offer only runs up until December 24th!... next weekend.

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