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Which Plasma / Scaler help reqd

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by cibulnz, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. cibulnz


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    OK all. I feel like I hold the record for reading the most posts in a period of time without actually making one myself.
    Even though I have a feeling there is a few people that read with interest but don't ever post.

    A lot of my questions have been asked and answered to a varying degree over the past 4 months of religiously reading this excellent forum and especially the plasma area.
    However I felt I've read enough to at least stick something on as a thread, as I feel there is a few others which are in a similar situation to me, and my D-Day as to when I need to buy a plasma is soon approaching.

    So from all this reading, which is beginning to make my head hurt I am contemplating one of four options:

    What I am hoping the forum can help me with, is provide feedback as to what they would do if in my situation.

    Might as well apologise about now for the length of the post :)

    1) 435 XDE (get the pretty looking plasma with great pictures for DVD - bolt on a scaler & calibrate it after 200 hours if I cannot live with the quality of sky) Even though the scaler on the XDE model is possibly a waste??? Total Cost approx £4300

    2) NEC XV3 (Get a HD panel, bolt on a scaler) Only worry is MAW struggling with 720/50? I presume that would again effect my Sky HD, but correct me if I am wrong. Cost approx £3600

    3) People mention the new Fujitsu (when is it estimated to arrive and on a percentage guess what are the odds of it meeting all the criteria (e.g good with blacks, sky HD compatible etc, not make me require a scaler) Cost ???

    4) Get a pretty good panel (cheaper than others listed above and not Sky HD ready) buy a good scaler and get a very good picture. When Sky HD wanted /Blu Ray etc upgrade plasma at this point.
    (worry here is will the resale value drop so low in two years when all anyone is talking about is HD sky compatibility? I don't want to lie about Sky HD like those people on Tottenham Crt Rd do for a sale.) Cost approx £2700

    If Sky HD comes out, I would be 50/50 on getting it within a year, I guess it would be totally dependent on amount of content, quality and extra costs.

    I have already been out and seen the Pioneer in action, just not with Sky unfortunately.
    I will also be on Tuesday visiting Liam at the NEC Islington centre, and Hornydragon and his Plasma battle results will be read with a lot of interest.

    I know there is a separate area for all this, but felt it relevant to be asked with my above post.
    SCALER QUESTION: If I buy a nice fancy scaler, will it serve much purpose in say 3 years time when a possible majority of stuff we are watching is HD?
    Would it not by then become rather redundant, or would a "Scaled HD picture" from one of today's Lumagen/HD+ style scaler still increase the quality of a HD picture on its own?

    Thanks to all who take the time read and reply

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