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Ok heres a question that I am sure somebody will know the answer for....

I have a PC which I can change the video card for but it currently runs Windows NT Workstation. I want to plug a plasma display into it (any budget / size will do) but the catch is I want to be able to get tye maximum resolution possible - Ideally run it native resolution to ensure theres no under / over sampling of pixels.

Does anyone have any recemendations (and i mean specific model numbers) for the following:

1) Which plasma display is the best.
2) What kind of resolution can I expect.
3) Which display card is the best to use ?
4) How can it be connected ??
5) Will NT Workstation work with this card??

I was thinking about getting PowerStrip for it but ideally I would perfer to just use the PC drivers for the graphics card / plasma display if possible.

Any thoughts ???


The highest resolution plasma with 'out of the box' widows driver compatibility is probably the Pioneer 503MXE/50MX (old/new models, it's changeover time) 1280x768. This res is on the list for most radeon cards. The highest resolution on a 42" is the ALIS panel 1024x1024, but it's not very accessible. I know of nobody who is able to run this, powerstrip or not. The plasma is detected as an XGA monitor. The highest resolution available at all is the Panasonic/Fujitsu 1366x768, which is true 16:9, but not a standard resolution, and you would need powerstrip. I should think NT would support the Radeon drivers, but IMHO you'd be better off with something a little newer running. DVI or VGA is the big debate. It's not really that big a deal TBH, the cables are cheap try DVI 1st, see how it goes. I wonder if it's operating system dependent?


If resolution is your only criterion, then yes, some LCD's, like my laptop display (1680x1050) are seriously higher than any current plasma.

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