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Bought a 42" PWD7 Panny 18 months ago from Av-Sales, using it with VGA and component connections with Sky+ and Bose Sound.

Been happy with it but am selling the house and have offered to leave the screen for a price, also helps not having to remove the wires hidden beneath the wall and re-plaster etc...

The new house has front and rear living areas, one larger then the other, so looking for a 42" screen for the front (plasma) and a 32" (Lcd) for the rear.

Have looked at the options, i'm not into upgrading and changing this and that on an on-going basis so am not sure whether to go TV or Panel for the 42"er.

Budget is £2500-£3k max for both, the Plasma will be wall mounted and the Lcd most likely on a Ped or a Bracket, here are my thoughts:

PX600 looks easier to set up but not a natural for wall mounting because i have got Bose SS, like the SD slot too!

Pan PHD9 panel is the natural upgrade but i will need to fettle it with slots etc.

Fuji 58 series is the best but is expensive.

32 PX60 Lcd is my first choice and can get for £790, is this the one to go for?

Sharp or Samsung better?

Also concerned that the single woman who i will leave the PWD7 will struggle to get it working as it uses VGA and Component instead of TV scart leads, can imagine getting hassled by her after completion.

Would i be better forgeting the HD benefits for myself and buying a cheap TV Plasma (Phillips 42" for £800) to leave the womam buying my house and take my PWD7 with me and just buy the 32" Lcd?

Please give me yoour thoughts.



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Personally, I would probably do the following, its a great time to upgrade :D

I have the PWD7 too (its fantastic) so I would go with the obvious upgrade to PWD8 or the 9? maybe even go for the new 50" 9?

Having just installed a 26" Sony lcd in our bedroom the pq is disappointing after the PWD7 so I would preferably go plasma there as well. Perhaps a 42" and 50" (sorry, that would blow your budget), or just two 42" (that would be great and well within your £3k max).

Conclusion - 2 x 42" PWD8's, lovely!

Give your house buyer some initial advice and then she's on her own!

Great problem to have ! :smashin:
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