Which plasma-friendly system £1500?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by superpixel, May 31, 2005.

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    What are people's experiences and opinions on the following five home cinema systems (all £1200-£1500 in price inc. matching subs. and tiny surrounds)?

    Fronts and centre are the most important, as I may well mix and match surround and sub. I want a big, exciting, dynamic sound that crashes and booms and shifts as much air as possible through those tiny drivers. Transparency, imaging, accuracy and audiophile pretentions are not important. Amp will probably be a Denon 2805 (or 3805 if needs be).

    1. Audica CS3
    2. Monitor Audio R270 system
    3. Canton CD300 system
    4. Cabasse Xi system
    5. Gallo A'Diva and Nucleus System

    Is there any clear winner? Is the Canton's near-double RRP of the others a good guide to quality (I know from a long experience of hi-fi it nearly always ain't true)?

    Thanks a lot!

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