Which plasma for mainly SD material.

anthony evs

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Hi all,

I have a panasonic 42pwd6 for 3 years and to be honest, I am really very happy with the picture on it with SD material, mainly freeview.

It is being replaced by the weekend by richer sounds on the panel replacement policy as its burst a few pixels.

OK, I can pay extra and get the 50px7, or even more for the 50pz70.

What does freeview look like on the 50" panasonic plasma`s? I havent invested in any HD gear yet, waiting for them to get to a sensible price, and will never go sky hd due to cost.

Maybe it`ll be better for me sticking to a 42" model, but If i can go to 50" and still get a good freeview picture then i will.

I sit about 11 feet away from the panel.

I would honestly stay with a pwd or phd panel but richer sounds dont do them anymore.

Any help or advice on the topic would be very much appreciated. Thanks very much.

Best regards, Anthony Evs.:thumbsup:


Panasonic TH42PX70, which is the TV I'm about to buy. Or if you have money to burn then the Pioneer 4280XD. I viewed both of these set up in a local Comet store, and they looked pretty good to me. I wouldn't say the Pioneer was worth the extra £1000 though.
I'm sitting about the same distance as you from the screen.


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You wont be dissapointed with either , im sure i read here that the PZ shades it just on SD(i mean just) and has better speakers

One thing Make sure its the PX70 and not the 7


anthony evs

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Thanks kjt2004,

I have just read a thread about the px70 and px7 differences. On the basic spec sheet, all i could see is one less hdmi, no pc input, no svhs.

Apart from that they look pretty much the same unless there`s a major difference inside to the processing and panel generation.

Have you any other info on it mate.



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I have just got the PX7, it's a great tv, I upgraded from a 42PX60 and it's as good as that set.

You are correct in saying about the minor differences, the only other thing I can add is it doesn't have as many colour graduations as PX70, but for £999 I am very happy with my tv.

I have a Toshiba HD EP30 DVD player and that looks stunning on this tv, as it did on the 42PX60.

If anyone else can tell if there are any internal processor differences then that would be great but I have looked at the spec sheets too and they look very similar.

Good luck


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Have a look there is a thread somewhere

But im sure the 7 doesnt have V real processing i could be wrong but sure i read it somewhere


anthony evs

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Thanks kjt2004,

I have just read the specs and done a compare on the panasonic website the px70 against the px7.

The colour graduations are very different. 3900+ on the px70 and 2048 on the px7, they are both g10 panels so there is something very different in the picture processing.

Thanks for your input.

Best regards, anthony evs

anthony evs

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hi all,

Just popped into my local richer sounds to sort out a deal to replace the pixel burst 42pwd6.

I was thinking a replacement to a 42px70, but with alittle extra money they allowed me to upgrade to the 50pz70:thumbsup::rotfl:

I walked out of the shop with the biggest smile on my face that you could imagine.

Only down side is i`ve gotta wait until next friday for the store to get more stock of the 50pz70.

I am really looking forward to setting it up and viewing the picture quality.

A massive thumbs up :thumbsup: to richer sounds on my part for giving me a cracking deal on the replacement panel. Thanks Ceri mate, your a star.

Best regards from a really happy member, anthony evs..

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