Which Philips OLED is more worth it?


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I am torn between Philips 65 inch 705 OLED (2020) or a Philips 55 inch 706 OLED (2021). the price difference in the shop is very similar as the 65 inch 2020 model is only EUR 100 more than the 55 inch 2021 model!

the main differences i am noticing from the two versions are:
1) 705 has no HDMI 2.1 whereas the 706 does
2) 705 has P5 processsor but the 706 has P5 Processor (with AI) which I think is used to help upscaling
3) 705 has Android 9 whilst 706 has Android 10 (not much differences i suppose)

One thing that should be kept in mind is that i have around 2.6m-2.7m (102 -106 inches) between the wall and the back of my sofa. Now it is true that this size is technically far enough for a 65 inch TV normally, however considering Philips also has the Ambibilight feature, then I feel this does change things a bit and i feel the distance needed to go for 65 inch should be to be greater specifically for this brand. What do you guys think and any experiences?

I understand that HDMI 2.1 feature on 706 is more future-proof but at this stage I only see it being used for next-gen gaming consoles (of which I do not have yet but will probably get in 1-2 years time). is there talk that HDMI 2.1 will be used for other types of products, and if so what?

Is there anything else that i am missing and should take into consideration please?

Thank you :)


2.6m is very far to view even from a 65. At that distance you'll be in the kind of territory when you can notice 1080p look better than 720p but to benefit from the extra pixels of 4k you need a much bigger TV.

So definitely not worth dropping to 55" given its more expensive, and your viewing distance. If you want the features of a 2021 model, best instead delaying the purchase until those TVs come down in cost.


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I am failing to understand what you are trying to say. Are you saying that since I have 2.6m between tv and my seating position then I should not go for the smaller 55 inch model since it is more than enough to accommodate for a 65 inch?

The argument I guess is between going for “bigger tv but with less features” vs “smaller tv but more future-proof”

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