Which Panny?


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I'm totally new to the plasma scene and would like some recommendations on which Panny to consider buying:

Some Info I need to take in to account in making my decision -
I'm upgrading from a 32" Panny CRT (100Hz etc.). At present the CRT is an alcove which I want to 'free up' so I'm considering a plasma to mount on the chimney breast which is 2 to 3 metres in front of the seating area.
My terrestrial picture is terrible so I'm going to stick to digital (Sky+) and DVD. I may use the screen with the PC very occasionally (no more than twice a year so if I have to drop this then it won't be a problem).
The screen needs to have a silver surround.
I have a budget of 3k (ish).
I'm currently considering the following but really can't make my mind up which to get. Your experience with the screens might just help me :)

Panasonic TH-42PA20
Panasonic TH-42PW6B
Panasonic TH-42PWD6 (only seen this with a black surround - is it just a colour deviation of the PW6B?)

Any help would be appreciated


Opps, I forgot to mention that I don't *need* speakers but if the panel comes with them it will eliminate the need to switch on the SSP etc.


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Basically if you want an intergrated tuner with built in speakers get the TH-42A20, but as you don't need this I'd go for the cheaper but just as impressive W6B (silver) or WD6 (black). The difference between the two seems to be just the colour as you thought. I'd gonna get the black one as it is around £300-£500 cheaper than the silver! (plus the rest of my kit is black anyway!).

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