which panny plasma is the toshiba a clone of?



could some one in the know please tell which model panny the toshiba plasma is a clone of ? i was going to order a pal progressive dvd player when i read the following on the avsforums

by asha

I have just been told by Panasonic Gurus in Japan that my Panasonic Plasma TH 42PW3 is not preset to display 575p (625p) lines for PAL Progressive DVD Playback via Component Video Input.Apparantly the newer PW4 model can! What a disaster it is for me as I went to great lengths to get a PAL Pro DVD Player.My Q is whether anybody has had the same problems?And whether if I use another DVD Player with RGB out and use the VGA inputs on the Panny,can the display's deinterlacer ( and preset modes) be bypassed?There are no problems with the 525p,480p,1080i etc preset pictures.Can the Plasma be "fooled" via RGB/VGA route as opposed to Component Video connections?

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