Which panel type should I choose for my TV?


OLED vs IPS LCD vs VA LCD Panels

One of the most important decisions, if not the most important when buying a TV is the panel type a TV uses.​
When deciding which TV to go for, you must first choose the type of panel you want from a TV.

VA LCD Panels

  1. Higher contrast ratio.
  2. Deeper blacks.
  3. Better at blocking light from escaping behind the panel meaning for better screen uniformity during dark usage and dark scenes.


  1. Narrower viewing angles. The image shifts colour and brightness to the side.
  2. On cheaper TVs, pixel response time is also slower than IPS, making for worse overall motion.

IPS LCD Panels

  1. Wider viewing angles than VA type LCD panels. Narrower than OLED panels.
  2. Faster pixel response time on cheaper TVs making for better motion.
  3. On cheaper TVs, IPS LCD TV panels have better anti-glare performance, meaning they deal with brighter rooms better.

  1. Lower contrast ratio.
  2. Blacks aren't as black.
  3. Lets through more light from behind the panel meaning for worse screen uniformity during dark usage and dark scenes.

OLED Panels

  1. Widest viewing angles compared to LCD.
  2. Pixel by pixel dimming.
  3. The very blackest blacks
  4. Infinite contrast ratio.
  5. No motion blur due to instantaneous pixel response times.

  1. Risk of image retention and possibly burn in.
  2. To some people, more noticeable stutter than LCDs.
  3. Poorer peak brightness and ABL technology that can result in dimmer HDR and some scenes appearing darker than others.
Viewing angle example illustration

The further away you view, the narrower you can get away with. Please measure your own viewing angles yourself!

VA panels are good up to 30 degrees each side from the centre of the TV.
IPS panels are good usually up to 45-50 degrees each side from the centre of the TV.
OLED viewing angles are almost perfect.

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