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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Stupot43, Feb 15, 2005.

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    Ok.I know there have a lot of threads on the forums asking for advice on 17" LCD Tv`s. This is slightlty different.
    I would like the people who have purchased either the Sony 17"HR3 or the Philips 17" PF9946 to let me know what they think of there purchase.
    I recently purchased a Sony 17" HR3 but had to return it because there was a fault on the sound (distortion when on the "natural" or "Dynamic" sound setting) and I have listened to the Philips and found there was a "vibration" when the volume was turned up a little (but not that loud).
    I still think that these are the two best small LCD TV`s(picture quality)around. My problem is, were the the "faults" on these tv`s inherent or were they genuine faults and I was just unlucky in choosing the two that was faulty?????
    Just to let you know I paid £475 for the Sony from BE Direct (who are going to give me a full refund) and I have an oppurtunity to by the Philips from a local John Lewis store for £499 (less £50 in vouchers) with a 5 Year Guarantee. (Dom & Gen. Insurance are selling a 2 Year guarantee for £112
    Obviously, anyone else who would like to comment would be most welcome.
    At the moment, I am leaning towards the Philips, because it has 2 scarts and is a 16:9 ratio screen whereas the Sony is 15:9 and has only 1 scart

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