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Which One?

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Editing Forum' started by M3G4, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. M3G4


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    Ello guys,

    I'm on the search for a DV camera. I've rounded my search down to TWO models (although I'm open to suggestions). In a camera, I'd like DV In and Out and AV In and Out, preferably a colour viewfinder, still images would be cool, and a decent amount of zoom. I'd also like an external mic input. (not a neccessity)

    I've been reading up on the cameras, and they both look very nice. They are:
    Sharp ViewCam VL-Z5H and Canon MV750i

    I've read how the canon has transport noise problems, but I've also read about Sharp's colour problems and problems with filming indoors (which is where I'll be filming the most).

    Any ideas which would be best to go for?

    EDIT: I've also noticed the Panasonic NV-GS55 - it looks like a very good contender. Stills aren't a priority. It also has an external mic input.


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