Which one would you have?


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Hello, Im just about to upgrade from a flat panel and can decide between ....

The Sony KDL-40V2000 LCD Or The Panasonic TH37PX60PED Plasma

Which one would you have?, Please ignore prices!


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There's a fair chance as you are on the plasma forum that you'll get an overwhelmingly obvious answer!

I however, am more objective....get the Panasonic! :D


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lol, ok, i think im set 4 a plasma!! But the question is, Which 1? I hear panasonic do the best ones but is there any difference in their range. Which is the newest and best one?

p.s, i want one with 1080p as im set for SKY+ HD soon!


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Are you after a TV (ie with speakers, tuner, etc built in) or a plasma screen only to go with existing surround sound / Sky, etc ?


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uh whats your budget? The only plasmas that can nativly display 1080p are 50 in+ and 5k+.

Panny make the only 37inch plasmas left. There on 9th gen panels, pio make the other best panels and there just releasing their 7th gen.


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Ok, I want one with speakers and freeview. I want a 37" Preferably. Will having the normal 720p plasma affect watching 1080p HD SKY? I dont want to spend more than £1200 really. I can get the TH-37PX60PED for £1099. Is this a good model


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With those criteria - I'd definitely go for the PX60. :smashin:

Sky HD outputs at 720p/1080i so would suit this panel perfectly. 1080p is very rare at the moment and as has been mentioned, would cost big bucks and need a big screen to do it justice.


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tollmanuk said:
Is £1099 a good price for the TH37PX60PED?

Yes,but get a pricematch with J.Lewis from Empiredirect or similar for around £1200 and get the 5 year guarantee thrown in.

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