Which One Would YOU go for?


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Hi all, i have narrowed my search down for a new screen to these 3.

It will be needed to use the following:

Immediate use:

1) PC use for watching movies and TV shows
2) NTL Digital TV
3) X-Box 360


1) HD TV via Sky or NTL
2) HD DVD Player through PC, X-box or stand stand alone player

Screens (with staf discount and vochers)

1) Samsung LE40R73BD 40" LCD £954.49
2) LG 37LC2DB 37" LCD £897.10
3) Toshiba 37WTL66 - £899.09

none have a DVI connection, my PC has a 'Geforce 6800' graphics card with DVI & D-Sub out, currently using D-Sub to PC monitor (no DVI in) and DVI to my Acer 26" LCD. Seeing as none of the above screens will take DVI can i use a converter from DVI to D-Sub on either of the screens or my PC monitor, or another solution?

If anyone has any of the above screens and a similar set up please let me know what you think as I'm ripping my hair out trying to decide which one to go for, thanks, Sam


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Probably the Samsung, if it has to be one of those 3. Mainly because the Sammy has 1:1 pixel mapping through VGA, which will be a huge plus for PC use.

The Toshiba WLT66 series has a few problems when using PC Input at the native 1360x768 resolution.


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Thanks, it does'nt have to be 1 of the 3 above, just they seem to be in my price range. Anything else i should consider for around the 1k mark?
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