Which one should I get? JVC/PHILLIPS?


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May 20, 2002
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Or maybe a different 28inch between £300-£450?? :eek:
got to be philips if my experience is anything to go by.
had 2 of jvc with 6mm tilt. there is no tilt adjustment. also rgb is quite dull. both went back. also covergence better on philips.
have had the philips for nearly a couple of weeks (from comet £459 inc delivery) and it is fantastic. would definately recommend.

as a comparison:

jvc philips
sound nicam stereo,ok. 6/10 dolby virtual+n/c stereo 9/10
scarts 3/1rgb 2/1rgb
tilt control no yes
picture excellent exp rgb 8/10 excellent 10/10
looks 10/10 9/10

hope this adds to your confusion about what to buy:rolleyes:
Originally posted by chegz60
hope this adds to your confusion about what to buy:rolleyes:

No kidding!! Thanks for the advice...

Just been browsing over the forum it seems some people have the JVC and are happy with it others not, same with the Phillips...

So I guess it's just pot luck really!?

took me about 3 months and 5 different sets to get one i was happy with. have to say if you go for philips and get good one you'll be very pleased as i am.:)
Quite weird that, you've narrowed your choice down to the same 2 that I did a few weeks ago :) Anyway, I decided to go with the philips and am very happy with it. We went around to a couple of shops to see what the people working there thought was the best and all said the philips. :cool:
Thanks Rich, it's looking like the Philips then...

Also Rich or Chegz how well does the Philips handle 4:3 material?

www.hispek.co.uk were advertising the Philips 6515 for £419.99 in HCC a while ago but the price is higher on the website so dont know which one is right!
I also looked at a Samsung the other week in Comet and was quite impressed,it wasnt very good in 4:3 but most everything else seemed okay to me and it was only £449 ,dont remember the exact model number though.
I went around all the shops looking for a 28"w/s and eventually settled on my first choice the Sony KV28LS35,didnt pay Currys/Comet prices though,I've got mine coming for £495.
4:3 is very good on my set. it is also possible to enlarge on all picture modes except widescreen.
Thanks chegz and smallman!

I have just been to town to look at the TVs ...

Now seeing them the flesh I really don't like the JVC, it just looks a bit cheap and plasticy also the double frame makes the screen look smaller than it is. Also I noticed how dull the picture was.

The Philips on the other hand looked really nice and the screen seemed a lot bigger than the JVC (even though it probably wasn't - but perception has a lot to do with it!).

So it looks like I've decided

Thanks for your help guys! :)


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