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Trying to pick a new laptop and can't decide. I'm clueless about processors and that is my hold up. Choosing between these right now. I don't game on the laptop. Only really use it to watch Netflix and browse the internet, among other things. I do like to run multiple programs at once. Would like to keep it under $500. Leaning towards Lenovo.

Lenovo G510 Laptop | Entry-Level Laptop

| Lenovo (US)

Wondering if the Processor and Ram upgrade is worth the extra $60?

Working for this Dells favor is the price, but the processor seems kind of small.

Dell Black 15.6" Inspiron i15RV-1334BLK Laptop with Intel Core i3-4010U Processor - Walmart.com

This processor seems a little better, it's an AMD, pair it with an extra 250GB HD and it could be a good one:

Dell 15.6" Inspiron Laptop PC - Walmart.com

And this one is back to Intel Core, 6 GB Ram, and 1 TB HD is a plus:

Acer 15.6" Laptop, E1-572-6497 - Walmart.com

Basically, which processor will provide me with the fastest computer. If not one of these, does anyone recommend one in this price range? Thanks guys.

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I'm currently viewing on a Lenovo T410s with an i5 processor and it's blisteringly fast!
The build quality of the Lenovo is best, followed by the Dell with the Acer bringing up the rear but some way back. As you've linked to US web-sites, I guess that's where you are. It's a bit tricky for us here in the UK to know the US ranges in detail.

All you've listed will do what you want to do, but the i5's will do it fastest.

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Well, it's somewhat misleading to group build quality by manufacturer as it varies across the range for all manufacturers - nobody makes £300 laptops that are as well built as their £1000 laptops.

If you're watching Netflix on it then my first priority would be a decent screen as that's far from guaranteed on a laptop at that price.

Processor labelling is a bit complicated at the moment but from the machines you've linked are all solid mid-range processors that'll handle anything you throw at them. The i3-4000M and the i5-4200U are joint winners on performance (depending on the cooling for the turbo-enabled i5). They're similar performance because the U on the end denotes a low power chip which trades reduced processing ability for lower power consumption (more battery life or smaller battery). You'll find the U series popular at the moment even on fairly large laptops because Intel have made it a requirement to be able to use the Ultrabook label.

The A8-5545M is a low power chip that not as powerful as the Intel ones (much of the time, it's good as some things like converting video), but does come with faster integrated graphics.

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