which one - Panasonic DS-30, Sony trv140 or jvc dvl 210?



I am based in Israel and I am about to buy an "entry level" camcorder for the equivalent of about 450 pounds (prices are about 15% higher here). Three camcorders have been recommended, the Sony TRV 140, the Panasonic DS-30 and the JVC DVL 210. The salesman is pitching for the Panasonic. I have not found any reviews for this camcorder (or the JVC one). I only want to use the camera for videoing the kids and special occasions and, when I have a powerful enough computer, doing some editing .
Have any of you had experience with any of these camcorders or know what they are like, and, if possible, can you let me know which one you would recommend.
Many, many thanks
Hi ramlin

They are all acceptable entry level camera's. Best bet is to have a play with each, and see which one feels best in your hands, and which one has the controls laid out in a way that you feel most comfortable with. I've only ever used properly the Pana, and it's just fine for what your after. Only you can tell which one feels right.

Have fun

Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke
Go for the Panasonic or JVC model. The Sony is digital 8 so thats why I don't recommend it.

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