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Which one? Help please :)


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Hello people:thumbsup:
Firstly I'd just like to say, i hope im not breaking any forums rules posting this here and I hope that this works ( first time to forums to be honest)
my problem is this, i don't know whether to buy the LG 32LH4000 or the Toshiba Regza 32RV635DB
now i know this has been asked before but i'd like to ask something specifically for myself.
Which tv would be better for Blu-Rays and Playstation 3 gaming
nothing else matters just those two things
ive heard that the toshiba has a problem something called smearing overdrive or something, and someting about 8ms response time so thats why im particularly asking about BD and PS3 :lesson:
(sorry for the massive lecture :rolleyes:)
so if anyone can help me it would be VERY VERY muchly appreciated:rotfl:
Thanks in advance
Craig :boring:


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Hello Craig and welcome to AV Forums,

I can see from your quotation of the Toshiba's smearing error that you are quite serious about the television that you wish to purchase. In doing so I think that you have over looked quite a serious issue. All televisions are tested to their highest capabilities and most are testes far past what regular users would use.

I wish, if you allow me, to give you some of my own advice as I own the Toshiba and, quite convieniently actually, my friend owns the LG. Both telelvisions are almost identical with the company gadgets being called different things as are most these days.

However with the requirements that you specified, i.e the Blu Ray and the Playstaion I would strongly recommend the Toshiba. Yes there are reviews stating that it has a small smear effect but I have never seen it, and I have, what I am told, is the optimal conditions for playing the consoles and blu rays.

My friend on the other hand has an LG, just purchased it infact, and when he plays his PS3 there is a small but distinctive flicker, mostly on the games that have a high level of graphical changes, said games such as Assassins Creed, or Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Oblivion e.t.c these games go from light to dark and green to blue in an instant and in my eyes the TV can simply not keep up.

The uniqueness of the LG does not match that of the Toshiba, the LG's colours are dimmer and duller and have a matt effect whilst the Toshiba's have a glossy and crisp look to them.

I also work in a electronics shop and have some great access to reviews e.t.c if you wish to ask me more about a TV so please do keep in touch.



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Thanks a lot Andy that really helped, i wasn't sure I'd get such a comprehensive response so quickly! :D
I completely understand about the testing and it makes sense since I've only heard of the smearing from one website review, so i guess i shouldn't of paid much attention to it, learned my lesson:thumbsup:
Thanks again if I ever need help again I'll be sure to ask you in the future!
Craig :clap:


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Your not the first and I doubt you will be the last person that looks at a review and runs away. People normally look at a review as though the reviewers have sat down and played a film when infact most supercharge the TV's to an extent that keeping them running at said level would give them a lifespan of about 6 months.

Your best bet is to stick to sites that offer user reviews, such as this one, WE are the people that sit and watch a film then post a review saying "taking it back as we speak".

I'm sad like that :p

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