Which one between Epson EMP-TW520 or Hitachi PJ-TX100?


So ladies and gents I have nearly made my decision and will soon purchase my new projector! Thanks for all the help I have received so far...

Just for one last thing - I've stumbled across something that seems better than the TX100, which was my initial choice - the TW520 from Epson.

On paper it is more powerful, what is the reality? Also does it have a short throw distance like the TX100 - this is ultimately one of the big things for me, along with the 3 yr warranty! ;)

cheers :)


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Well spotted, the 520 looks a slightly lower spec'd TW600 but no less impressive and may well be worth looking into. I'm not sure if it has the new D5 panels...PJ


All these decisions! I am kinda of leaning towards the TX100 again as I have noticed a replacement bulb for it is about £140 for 2000 hrs compared to the Epson which would be £280 for 1700 hrs.

It's tough weighing up so many factors. I'm a student (and will be for the next 3 years - so it is quite important that I think of the maintenance is very important) - what would u do? :)


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Remind us what's the price difference between the TX100 and the 520?...PJ


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Hitachi PJ-TX100 @ £871 [1200 lumen, 1200:1 contrast]
Epson TW520 @ £1,059 [1400 lumen, 4000:1 contrast]

Price Difference = £188

edit: Oooh :thumbsup:
Panasonic AE100 @ £849.00 [700 lumen, 500:1 contrast]
(and yes I found a dealer lol)

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