Which one? And how to set up?


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Im stuck between either the LG HB44S or Samsung HTC5800

Which one guys?

Im using it to play blu ray's but also want to connect it to my Sky + HD box and Xbox 360 so I can use the audio through the home cinema.

What do I need to buy to connect and how to do I connect it all?

Thanks in advance, Jay


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The LG system has 2 optical inputs. Therefore you would connect the Sky+HD and Xbox 360 directly to the TV via HDMI (assuming you have an HDMI model Xbox 360?) and to the LG via optical (toslink) cables.

The Samsung system has 2 HDMI inputs and 1 optical input. Therefore I would suggest connecting the Xbox 360 to the Samsung via HDMI. The Sky+HD would connect to the TV via HDMI and separately to the Samsung system via optical. This is because Sky+HD boxes do not output Dolby Digital 5.1 over HDMI and have to use a digital audio connection. I very much doubt the Samsung system can assign the optical input to the HDMI input so the the audio and video match up, hence the necessity to connect the unit to the TV via HDMI. I would imagine the options are HDMI1, HDMI2, OPT in the sound options.

I have no experience of either but would go for the Samsung system based on the HDMI inputs and my preference for Samsung as a brand over LG. Do a search on the forum of the model numbers. Someone might own those systems and be able to offer first hand experience of their attributes.


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So surely the LG would be better if it has 2 x optical inputs,

does this mean the LG would be able to match up the video and audio or would it be the case that it would not match up the same way as the samsung?

Thanks for your reply,


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Optical only carries audio. This is why I said to connect the HDMI direct to the TV with the LG. There is no way to connect video to the LG.

It really depends on what you plan to add to your setup. Most equipment uses HDMI these days so that extra HDMI input on the Samsung system would probably come in more useful than an optical input.


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Well I was thinking of this, as the Xbox only has one HDMI port, so couldnt connect that to the home cinema and tv?

XBOX 360 - HDMI - TV

XBOX 360 - Optical - HOME CINEMA


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Did you read my first post? If the above refers to the LG, that is correct.


Xbox 360 to TV - HDMI (video)
Sky+HD to TV - HDMI (video)
Xbox 360 to LG - optical (audio)
Sky+HD to LG - optical (audio)
LG to TV - HDMI (video from Bluray)


Xbox 360 to Samsung - HDMI (audio & video)
Sky+HD to TV - HDMI (video)
Sky+HD to Samsung - optical (audio)
Samsung to TV - HDMI (video from Bluray & Xbox 360)


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Now I understand haha,

So the xbox would work fine with it in the samsung and not the tv then?

Only bit that puts me off about the samsung is the video and audio not matching up on sky?

Would the LG be the same? or would most home cinema's be the same?

I really appreciate your help pal.


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What I meant by the audio and video not matching up is that you will more than likely not be able to assign the optical input to the HDMI input as this is not a feature found on all-in-one home cinema systems. It will be either HDMI input or optical input, therefore you wouldn't be able to connect up Sky via HDMI because if you did, you would only get stereo. If you then selected optical, you would get no video but would get Dolby Digital 5.1 sound!!

The Sky box would need to go to the TV via HDMI and separately to the home cinema system via optical. This is how a lot of people connect it up so you wouldn't have any worries there. Before HDMI we had SCART on Sky+ and it was similar i.e. SCART to the TV and optical to the home cinema or amplifier. I used to connect my Sky+HD box to my TV/Projector via HDMI. The audio was always connected separately to my non-HDMI AV receiver. I have now upgraded to an HDMI AV receiver and have to assign the digital audio input to the HDMI input so the AV receiver handles both audio and video and they match up.

An AV Receiver allows you to assign inputs although this is often a bit messy and some manufacturers completely forgot about Sky and didn't allow it, much to the dismay of owners. Yamaha and Sony both cocked it up big time by omitting the ability to allow input assignment and it had to be addressed by firmware (quickly). In the UK, Sky boxes are probably the only current equipment that has to be connected via digital audio cable in addition to HDMI. I would imagine that the next generation of Sky boxes will output discrete multi-channel audio via HDMI. Your Xbox 360 can pass high def video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio over HDMI so when you select the HDMI input on the Samsung the audio will be processed and the video passed to the TV. Simples.

All-in-one home cinema systems aren't really designed to be used with external sources hence the limited number of input connections. The two systems you have picked out are actually quite well spec'd when it comes to inputs. Most all-in-one home cinema systems are limited to one digital and one analogue audio input and that's it.

Apologies if I have confused you!


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Ahh its all making sence, thanks for taking time out to help me understand fully.

I think I may go for the Samsung by what you have said, better make and better equiped.

I do really appreciate your help pal.

Thanks again.

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