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Dec 4, 2001
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Hi all

need some help just about to upgrade my system to some new power amps rotel RB1070 or RB1080 for front speakers & RMB1075 or RMB1095 to run the rest running 7.1, :D thinking in the lines of Meridian 568.2 Surround Sound Processor or the Meridian 561 Surround Controller with possible the Meridian 562V.3 Multimedia Controller to be added later has anyone try this combo .

speakers are front B&W CDM7SE
sides B&W 601 s3
Rear B&W 601 s3
Centre B&W cc6
Sub REL Storm

Any Boby

boogie man:confused: :devil:
is there anyone out there.....

Can anyone help please just need some info on which is better the dsp 568 or dsp 561 if anyone has these please help & has anyone tried these power amps

many thanks boogie man
568 mark 2 anyday over the now old (and needs updating) 561. Will add more later if you want but a busy weekend but we haven't forgotton you!
Agree with Nic........568.2
Mines on order...(still waiting)

There's more DSP added from the origional 568 & Meridian have
introduced their proprietry MHR Link (optional) which can also be found on their 800 series.
568.2 will cost £3885.00 without MHR Link
568.2 will cost £4385.00 with MHR Link.

I think(!) with the MHR Link, it offers upsampling on all channels
as opposed to the front 3 from the origional 568 (need to confirm)

Beware, if you are intending to use the 568.2 for DVD Audio, then
the only link is Digital transmission (MHR).
That means, that you'd have to buy their 598 DVD Audio player
to hear what DVD Audio can sound like on the Meridian 568.2
I don't think Meridian are thinking of an analogue transmission into their 568.2.
Curiously though, you can have the choice of a Digital MHR or
analogue transmission from their 598 DVD Audio player.
Although, i believe you loose an optical output from the coax/optical choice if going analogue. (598)

I haven't heard the Rotel power amps, but they seem to be liked
by many people here.
I'll be using a Parasound HCA2205
The new 568.2 uses 5 DSP chips, where i think the 561 uses 3.
Then there's PLII etc on the 568.2

Here's a pic of the 598 > 568.2 > 562.V3 rear panels, showing the
MHR Link.


Thanks for the info guys ..:D

i got the power amps on loan at this time on my avc a1se & they sound great, well in fact mouth watering ;) RB1070 & RMB 1075

my local dealer has a 568 ex demo for £ 2800 which i think you can upgrade the software that adds Pro Logic II, THX EX and Meridian EZ to 568 if it hasn't got it already so i think i be going for it ... :cool:

thanks again guys boogie man

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