Which OLED for Movies & Sport?


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Feb 7, 2006
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Hi guys….once again looking for some much needed advice.

Its finally time to buy that OLED I’ve been promising myself, especially coming up to Black Friday. Moving from a 13 year old Panasonic Plasma (which is still to superb) to buying an OLED.

It will be wall mounted and viewing distance is just over 3 metres so am thinking a 65”. Does that make sense or is that too big?

Viewing wise it will be a lot of Sport via Sky Q and the BT Sports app, and films/TV via Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and Apple (via a Roku stick). Rarely watch SD, it’s all HD. Not a gamer. Sound is also important but as I live in an apartmeant I was thinking more either integrated sound bar or buying a separate one.

I had previously thought about one of this years Panasonic‘s but it seems they aren’t as good as last years models. So I was thinking one of the new Philips (reviews are stellar) but I’m happy to be convinced otherwise with either LG, Sony or Panny. Budget is £2K -£2.5k for both TV and Soundbar.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
The Sony A80J would be top of my list. See here:

3m is plenty for a 65, you could go for an 85" TV at that distance.
That’s a really interesting thread @Dodgexander thanks for that. The Sony hasn’t even been on my radar but now looking at the reviews, it should have been. Sounds a brilliant TV.

I see What HIFi review recommended a separate sound bar (at least the Sonos Arc) so that’s a good pointer as well.

Now just a matter of waiting for Black Friday and keeping an eye on the price to drop!

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