Question Which OLED 55"

Hi guys,

I registered here in hope that this busy community can help me make a decision for my new TV.

Currently, I have a Sony 60" from 2014. Now I want to replace it:
  • Source: Streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ etc.) + Bluray
  • No gaming
  • OLED --> image quality, blacks (I love sci-fi)
  • 55" (65" too big for our stand/room config, okay for me)
  • Contenders: Sony A8(H), LG CX --> other choices to consider?
  • Soundbar planned (edge Sony due to height adjustable stand)
  • Price limit approx 2000 $/EUR (to be bought in Germany)
Now I looked at several reviews and videos and it seems that each TV has it's own pros and cons. My main concern points are:
  • Dead/defect pixel warranty policy by manufacturer
  • Best upscaling for 1080p content?
  • Stable software (read about unfixed bugs for LG dimming, crashes for Sony). May be irrelevant because I have an Apple 4K TV which I may or may not keep
  • Soundbar placement --> stand (TV will probably not be wall mounted, but have not made up my mind 100% yet)
So what do you think about my choices. Did I miss something? I'd be glad for some reports from some people who have one or the other (or had/have maybe both???)

Thanks and best regards

About soundbars:
What about reflections from the TV to the soundbar to the viewer? I'm sensitive so such things - can this be an issue or am I crazy? :D

silent ninja

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The A8 blade feet can accommodate a soundbar but it's still a limited space - 5.1cm height. I looked at the JBL 9.1 for example and they wouldn't fit.
if you're using a stand make sure it is deep enough because the legs are long and soundbar will go in front of them especially if it's a long soundbar.


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