Which of these would you say was best?

Del Boy Smiffy

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Del Boy Smiffy

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Need to help protect my ipod and dont want to buy a dud.


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Just read this review about the podgear jumpsuit...

"I got one of these covers for my 30 gig video iPod, but they are essentially exactly the same just a different size (naturally :eek:) ). The rubber cover is great and does a good job of protecting the iPod while leaving the interface 100% accessible. It's easily used, and provides simple attachments for the belt clips and other accessories.

The screen however is nowhere near as good. Sure it's perfectly clear, but becuase it isn't secured, and the rest of the cover is highly flexible, the screen moves around a lot. Which has meant that as it is naturally being held against the iPod, it has scratched the area around the screen quite noticealby. Which given the fact that the whole point of buying a cover in the first place suggests that some questions need to be asked of the design team behind this!

I've now removed the screen from the cover, and am using it without one. I just better remember to keep my keys in my other pocket!"

Nick 156

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I have a LeatherJacket for my 20Gb Photo iPod, and it's really good. I put my iPod in it 1 day after purchase and it looks brand new as a result. The only slightly annoying thing is that if you like to switch tracks frequently, you're constantly opening the popper and lifting the front cover to access the click wheel. It does feel more expensive than it is though! :thumbsup:

Choices Choices :confused:


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I have just received my Jumpsuit and I have to say I am a little dissapointed. I guess you get what you pay for in life (when will I ever learn this lesson).

First the cover itself doesn't seem as tight as other I have seen on other peoples Ipods. Second, as mentioned above, the screen is not secured so moves about (luckily I have left the screen protector the ipod came with in place so it can't scratch my ipod). And thirdly, I don't like the lanyard connector thing sticking out the back - I won't use it and if I had known then I wouldn't have bought this one.

Oh well - you live & don't learn.



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I got the Agent 18 plastic case and so far so good it protects and although it makes the Ipod thicker it still docks in the universal dock without removal and doesnt pick up fluff like the silicone cases. Just seems to be a bit more sturdy a case and all the function buttons and scroll wheel are still easily accessable. :smashin:

Just on a purely personal point because the Agent 18 case is slightly thicker it seems easier to use the scroll wheel "blind" as the raised edges seem to guide the finger.

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