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I have had a good read through the guide on here which is very useful, I'm just torn between these 3. I did go to Curry's yesterday to see them in person but as usual, salesperson was useless and demo content on 2 of the TV's was rubbish quality.

We are considering either:

Sony KD65XH9505BU

Panasonic TX65HZ1500B​


I'm still not 100% sure on OLED due to risk of burn in.

Main use is normal freeview TV, Apple TV Itunes movies, Disney+, Blu-rays inc 4k, and xbox (not series x)

I sit just under 3m away, 65" is the max I want. Most TV is watched in the evenings but also day time during weekends. I believe the 9505 is brighter and better suited to daytime?

My current TV is a Samsung KU6100 55", 4k with basic HDR. The new TV needs to give us a proper HDR image which I believe these 3 will.

The Sony OLED had an in built demo playing and looked incredible, the others had their generic demos playing and the quality was not the best, I would like to see the other 2 with decent content but not sure I can.

So if I went OLED, which would be the best for me out of those 2?

If I went LCD, from what I have read on here, the 9505 seems to be the best choice.

I also do not want Samsung again, main reason, every time I turn my TV on, it goes to channel 4001 which is tv plus, some kind of paid service, we should not be forced on to this channel and Samsung don't seem to think it is a problem.

Thanks for your help.

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I Have a sony 65a8 very good indeed also a 55fz802 panasonic also very good. I really cant see burn in being a problem with your use. The sonys have better in built apps but thats about it from what i can tell
From having both sets


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I would spend time and pick either LCD or OLED; hard to do but will really help you refine your list.

Hard not to recommend the XH9505 for LCD, esp good value at 65”.

I have the AG9 and it is very good, one of the main benefits is the build in sound; if you need that, then it is a good option. I am partial to Sony tho, so only just a bit biased....:laugh:

and best buy from John Lewis or Richer Sounds; I would avoid Curry’s at all costs.j


Is there a particular reason you have picked out two more expensive OLEDs? They will have similar picture quality to cheaper ones, but have better built in sound.

The Sony XH9505 on the other hand will have poor built in sound, worse even than the Sony AH8.

Hopefully these help you break down your decision:


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I won't buy from Curry's don't worry!

Thanks for those links, good info.

Do you think a cheaper OLED would still be a good option as I have also considered the HZ980B, would this be a good choice? I don't need the better sound as I have an AVR with surround sound.

This one is about the same price as the Sony 9505, reading your link if I understand it correctly, LCD is better for brighter rooms but OLED should give the better image, just about? I just want the best HDR picture.

I think we are going to town tomorrow so can look again in JL and Richer Sounds.


Yes, it would be wasteful to buy the AG9 or HZ1500 if you aren't really going to be using the sound. The Panasonic HZ980, LG BX or CX or even Sony A8 is fine.

In terms of HDR picture quality an LCD TV like the Sony XH9505 will be more striking since it can get brighter than an OLED. Parts of the picture designed to be bright will pop more. With an OLED its more how refined they are that makes them stand out. Pixel-to-pixel dimming instead of zone wide dimming makes them very detailed and as a result, they look even more fantastic in darker conditions.

In conditions with lights on, or during the day you don't really benefit from these deeper blacks so much on an OLED, but that doesn't mean there aren't other aspects to the picture you may enjoy more, for example; no motion blur.


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Ok thanks, that explains it well, I guess I just need to decide.

I feel I have missing out on the HDR experience with my current TV so I need the new one to give me this, it sounds like they both will, it's just whether I want a more refined image or a brighter one. I'm leaning towards the HZ980.


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What size is that? I’m guessing 55”.


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Popped into RS yesterday and purchased the 980B, 65". They only had 3 left in the warehouse, should be here next week. Hopefully there is an owners thread on here.

Thanks for your help.

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