Which of these Samsungs would you get and why?


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I have a selection of Samsungs that range in screen size, 50-100Hz and obviously price.
Is bigger better?
Is the 100Hz worth having even if the screen size was smaller?

This morning I was gonna order the 32" 100Hz LE32M87BDX, but now I am tempted by the bigger screens 37" and 40".

Here are the Samsungs, there prices and sizes... which would you get and why?

£491.00 SAMSUNG LE32R88BD
£530.00 SAMSUNG LE32M87BDX 100Hz 32
£572.00 Samsung LE37R87BDX
£615.00 SAMSUNG LE37R88BD
£634.00 Samsung LE40R87BDX


What's your viewing distance?This will make the decision easier!!


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Depend's where you are in the living room, but between 2.6 and 3.6 meters.

I think the hardest desision is between the LE32M87BDX and LE40R87BDX?

40" would be great but is the 100Hz thing in the 32" worth it considering the size differance?


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LE40R87BDX/XEU 658 Price inc VAT and Delivery from LASKYS.com is which is same as Dixons.

I think Dixons model LE40R88BDX might have that stupid blue light in the case though?

Does anyone know anywhere cheaper?


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I can confirm you can turn of the stupid blue glowing light:

It can:
be off altogether
be on altogether
be only on whilst watching TV
be only on in standby

Thus I ordered the Dixons version as it didn't have the chrome trime which I didn't like.

In the end I went with bigger is better so got the 40 inch screen LE40R88BDX.

Thanks for all the help, it should come on Sunday,Monday,Tuesday.


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Recieved and installed at home now.

Very disappointed about the picture quality.
It's basically as bad as it was in the shop so I thought it would be a lot better to be honest.
It's a massive quality decline from my broken Sony Trinitron CRT.

But, the space it saves is a big benifit.

Looking back I should have gone for the cheapest option until they manufacturers can improve the picture quality.
My computor monitor LCD is fantastic picture but the source is a computer so I suppose that is why but I didn't expect it to be so bad.


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hi all, sorry to bump an old thread

the above TV is broke (18 months old)... I can not seem to find the recipt/guarantee does anyone know how long this was covered for?

was from dixons.co.uk if that helps
I will phone them and ask but want to be armed with some info 1st

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