Which of these projectors should I buy for my setup? I'm extremely torn...


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Basically I built a garden house and bought a 106" white Elite Screen with 1,1 gain. Now I just need a projector to match it. I can mount the projector on the ceiling but I can also just leave it on the table. The garden house is plenty big so throw ratio is not an issue. I will also install blackout curtains.

So right now I'm torn between these three products:

  1. BenQ TK700STI at 1250 euros
  2. Optoma UHD38 at 950 euros
  3. Epson TW7000 / 3200 at 900 euros
Use case: movies and gaming (PS5 and mostly single player/local games)

I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of things to look out for when buying a projector, so any help would be appreciated.


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epson but i wouldnt buy that model.

get 9200 or 9300 for that price


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The prices do appear quite high! I have an unused Epson 9200 gathering dust that I’d sell for a lot less!


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I'd say the Optoma might come out on top due to it being a DLP projector which has also been designed to work with games. It has a low-lag input time of around 4.2ms plus works at 240Hz. The issue with the Epson's are older tech and will not deliver everything you want when playing the PS5.

With Films/TV, I'd say the 9x00 Series of the Epson's would be more preferable as they will deliver a more realistic experience. So, you really need to work out what's going to be most important to you. Gaming or Films/TV. I know some of the footage I'm seeing on Unreal Engine 5 is simply amazing and I just cannot see the older projector tech showing it off quite like some of the newer projectors

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