Which of these is Best for 805amp


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I am thinking of getting the onkyo 805 amp, to use with either a BD30 or 50 blu ray player for standard dvd and blu ray movies.
Which of these speakers would be the best to go with this set up. The quad lite or the KEF 3005. I have found both of these in silver (prefered colour) for around the £580 mark. I know newer version have come on both of these but reading this forum the old versions appear to be good. I am just not sure which would go with the amp etc the best..
Thanks for any advice


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Both are decent speakers, but I think the Quads offer significantly better sound quality than the KEFs, especially for music where the difference is more apparent.


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What about for movies, the wife likes the look of the kefs and they have stands. I am also looking at the Yamaha RXV1800 amp as this was recomended to me. So which or both would work best with that one as well
Many thanks

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The 3005's do work very well with the Yamaha amps. we had ours running on an RXV3800 for a while and it sounded great, particularly with the HD audio formats.

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