Which of these DVD recorders would you recommend....



I've done a bit of research myself and THINK I will plump for the Sony GX3.

Basically I have £400 worth of vouchers to spend, and these are the models on offer;

Pioneer DVR3100S
Toshiba DR-1
Phillips DVDR70
Phillips DVDR80
Sony GX3
Sony GX7 (much more expensive, but is it worth it ?!)

I already have Sky+ so a hard drive isn't essential.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



Oh well, I went for the Sony GX3 anyway so all is sorted.


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I can only comment on the GX7. I love it! The only downside is that it takes about 60 seconds to register the format type from disc insertion.

I regularly transfer material from SKY+ to the GX7 and there's no hassle with it. The VR mode in DVD-RW is very flexible and also allows thumbnail pictures to be inserted alongside the title name.

The GX3 I believe is similar to the GX7 but doesn't have the i-Link input for digital cameras.

I guess the choice comes down partly to what format you want to use and what you want to do with the recorded material. I like the VR mode with DVD-RW and would recommend the GX7 if you can afford it or the GX3 if not. The picture quality is excellent and it doubles as a great DVD player also.

I can't comment on the other units listed here.


Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

I was going to plump for the GX7 but the missus wouldn't have me using nearly £700 worth of John Lewis vouchers for a DVD recorder !

I plan to do my camcorder editing on a PC so probably don't need the i-link function.

As you say, the playback quality is supposed to be second to none and that's what it will be used for 75% of the time.


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Get the RDR-GX3, great machine and looks much classier than most of its rivals.

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