Which of these Braun Shavers


Have had Phillips before. No problems until the last model which failed prematurely with the same fault.

Decided to try a Braun this time round. I also have a Merkur. So yes I know there are other makes and that hand wet shave is best but I've decided on a Braun so no other suggestions.

I went to Boots yesterday to buy a Braun 380S but in doing so looked at two other, the Braun 390CC and the CT5CC

In summary

380S (£70, rechargeable, wet and dry shave - i.e. you can use shaving cream)

390CC (£70, comes with clean and charge, dry shave only)

CT5CC (£115, comes with clean and charge, wet and dry shave, has 'cooling technology')

Anyone any experience or views?




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Got the CT5CC.
The cooling tech is pretty good as it reduces the amount of irritation I get.
With my older Philips rotary shaver on my neck I use to get really bad irritation leaving it looking really sore.
I will say though the ct5cc is best used dry.
After a shave I give it a quick rinse before placing in the cleaning doc.
I'm really pleased with the quality of shave it gives too.
I use it every day, but a friend of mine has told me anymore than a couple of days growth and it will struggle a little.


Realistically, I think I am torn between the 380S and the 390CC.

Been doing more research and even though the CT5CC 9is allegedly half price at £115 it is still an extra £45 over the 380\390 and is pushing close to the price you can buy 5 and 7 series from Amazon.




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I went from a 5 yo braun 5 series to a panasonic 4blade system and they are much the same both wet and dry but just a manual clean with the panasonic.


Thanks, but what do you thing

380S - wet and dry


390cc - dry only with clean and renew

I'm leaning towards the 390cc. The reason is that my Phillips was wet and dry and I used to use it in the shower. Before that I had only owned dry shavers and never a problem. I can't help thinking that they might not have been as waterproof as advertised.



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