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I am looking at the following 3 TVs to replace my ageing 32" s series sony.


I like my current sony but am a little concerned that the one above isn't up to scratch. With the panasonic my only concern is the adverts on the epg which may be annoying.

I plan to connect it to my NAD c3200bee amp and bdp-s350 bluray. I also have a media pc and xbox 360.

Which would you choose?

I'd also like to connect it to the internet with a wired connection, I have tried to find out if this is possible rather than buying the optional wireless dongle?



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I have a DT30 37" (bought it last week with a deal from Sevenoaks for £799) and have connected to the internet via a wired Ethernet connection with no problems at all. As such, I don't have a headache from trying to get an expensive wifi dongle to work.

The only thing I could really criticise my 37DT30 for is the black level doesn't always seem as black as it could be. A further minor criticism, I also engage in a new sport...finding the very best settings for each programme or film I'm watching, although that seems the main activity for most on this forum no matter what TV! :)

Everything else is faultless for me. The HD picture on Match of the Day the other night was absolutely superb and I was completely transfixed with my viewing, despite my team losing. It handles sport footage excellently...I had visions of all sorts of aberrations based on what people say about LED TV's but am very happy indeed - I guess that's because of the 400hz and 1080 resolution on moving image. Mine has an extremely even backlit display.

The adverts on the EPG haven't appeared for me thank goodness, merely having 'viera' logo showing in a couple of boxes. I haven't put my postcode/location into the settings though so I guess that's why?

It does a great job with SD as well as when watching iplayer/youtube or USB pendrive .avi files. Not blocky at all. It doesn't recognise our old cheapo Bush Freeview HDD recorder though via VieraLink for any One Touch Recording functionality, so I'm still considering what to do about that minor issue.

I haven't viewed any 3D blu ray's yet but the 3D test transmission broadcast on BBC HD channel the other morning was very promising indeed.

All the best.

PS I do wonder if I should have considered the Panasonic GT30 42" but it was just too much money for me to be happy stretching that far. I originally set a budget of 550! :)
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Thanks for the detailed reply, that sure is a good deal so I think I will give the local store a call and see if they have it in stock. I too thought of a bigger screen but a 40" may look a little too big, hmm come to think of it I may cut out a cardboard template first to compare the 2 sizes.

Thanks again.


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You're very welcome jsync, it's a pleasure. I went through all sorts of thoughts which TV to get, but the main thing aside from a great picture was a solid 5 year warranty. The various options the DT30 gave me was the clincher. I can put all my videos on a USB pendrive, watch iplayer, Freesat HD, control a hard drive recorder...well you know all the features.

Unless you're only a short distance away I don't think you'll notice the difference between a 37 and a 42 screen. The 42" GT30 intrigues me as I wonder if I should have just pushed myself a little further cash wise. Still, all in all I'm more than happy with the DT30 :)
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