Which of these 55 inch tvs is best?


Hi all, so I'm planning on getting a 55 inch tv, mostly will use it for gaming (non-competitive though so don't care much about the refresh rate - only picture quality and HDR) and some films. A local store has the following TVs on offer:

Philips 55PUS6704/12 - 340€
Samsung UE55RU7022K - 300€
LG 55UM7100PLB - 320€

Tbf I already ordered the Philips because I wanted to get an Ambilight and saw it has mostly positive reviews on Amazon and Argos but I'm getting some second thoughts seeing Samsung and LG are a lot more widely used. So wondering if I should return it once it arrives and order one of the others?
Anyone has an idea how this Philips model's picture quality compares to the Samsung and LG?
Thank you in advance!


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I think if you are looking for something that will handle HDR well you would have to up your budget considerably to get either a Sony XF9005 or a Samsung Q70.
Have you read Dodge's thread here? Lots of useful info on there and is definitely the go to place to see which is the best TV to buy at different price levels.

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