Which of these 28" widescreen's has the best image?


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Jun 24, 2002
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I have narrowed that choice down to these, as they are all within my budget:

Sony KV-LS60
Panasonic TX28PL10
Toshiba 28ZD26B (Strata)
Philips 28PW6515

I will be purchasing a Sony STR-DB1080 along with some Mission speakers in the future, so audio performance is not an issue.

I cannot view any of these sets (apart from the Sony), as I live in Northern Ireland and their are no places near me that would offer such viewing facilities :(

I believe the Sony has a lot of features, tilt/rotation/RGB colour settings etc.

The Panasonic supposedly has an awesome picture; rubbish Nicam.

The 32" version of the Strata is getting rave reviews.

And the Philips is supposed to be a very good all rounder for the price.

i would also be interested in this, im thinking about getting the sony 28KV-LS60
I used to own the Panasonic, and it was a cracking TV. Like you say it's sound was not it strongest point, but as you're investing in a decent sound system, this should not cause problem, as the TV volume should always be at zero. I can't comment on the other sets, but the Panasonic has RGB on SCART 1, rotation/tilt, and hue (for NTSC dicsc) and is highly recommended.
Originally posted by rupbert

I cannot view any of these sets (apart from the Sony), as I live in Northern Ireland and their are no places near me that would offer such viewing facilities :(

Any branch of Curry's or Dixons should have all those TV's you mentioned on display. Yes they are not the best places for a demo but it's better than nothing so I would suggest you go out and at least try to see them. I know for a fact that Curry's Sprucefield and Curry's Belfast have all those.

You could also try East Antrim Superstore in Larne as they stock a range of high quality TV's and are only too happy to demo them in your own home free of charge.

I used to own a Panasonic PL10. I was quite disappointed with the picture, finding it looking quite dirty, particularly when watching football.
Have had the Philips 28PW6515 for almost amonth and have to say it is the best value set around.
Excellent picture and geometry (with pure flat screen). Very good Virtual dolby sound. Nice looking and not very big (like the Toshiba's and some Sony's).
Lots of functions like rotation control etc.
Hey groundy, how you doing mate? :D

Thanks for the information, I took a trip to Curry's Superstore (Forestside) and saw the Philips 6515 and was very impressed :D :D :D

And for the price :eek:

/now where is my wallet
Good to see you got a look at one of them at least. Shop around for price though as you should be able to beat Curry's on that somewhere.

Check out:


They are in Derry but are usually very competitive with the current prices on the Net and they are really nice people too! Their website only lists Toshiba but I think they do other brands as well.
Yeah EmpireDirect do the 6516 for £459.99 + £45...
Bought mine a month ago from Comet Direct. £459 including free delivery and 6 months iinterest free:cool:
Hey chegz, is the funny coloured stand on the comet website the one that came with your set?

And how on earth can they have free delivery???
Are we talking about the same thing?

Funny coloured stand?
It's silver with 2 blue glass panels!!!!
Free delivery?
Yes it was. Ordered on internet price!!!!

Yeah the two glass panels, do they look good in real-life? They looked slightly out-of-place on the admittedly low quality picture...
The glass panels look ok. Very much like most of the sets in this price range. The stand is not really it's strong point, although does match the tv nicely. If I had a bit more money to spend I think I would have gone for the Sony LS35 which Comet have for £529 (although it was out-of-stock when I was looking). Still more than happy with the Philips thou! :)

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